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We are established Yorkie breeders in South Carolina that take great pride in bringing you and your family these lovable, fun sized dogs. The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds in the USA and we provide the ultimate source of these adorable puppies.

Our driving force behind quality breeding of Yorkshire Terriers is that they serve as the perfect pet for children, Elderly, seniors and all adults alike. You can trust these gentle dogs around your children, especially with the gentle dispositions Pandora’s Puppies have.

It is essential to choose a Yorkie breeder that has raised a healthy, beautiful and friendly litter that can provide the true essence of a Yorkshire terrier. While many Yorkshire Terrier breeders exist, we serve to bring you the finest quality puppies that will make perfect companions for you for a lifetime.

We proudly reserve the title of being reliable Yorkie breeders all over USA for we treat our puppies like family. Breeding dogs is not our business, it’s a passion. We love the smile we can bring to your face by bestowing you with our carefully bred babies. We have consistently produced excellent batches of puppies, achieving immense praise for being the number 1 professional Yorkie breeder all over USA.

We work with a synonymous goal to provide you with another family member you could cherish for years to come!

Yorkie Puppies

A Bit About The Yorkie

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘good things come in small packages’? Well. The phrase aptly describes the Yorkshire terrier, nicknamed the Yorkie. Let us take you through some of the most endearing qualities of this highly sought after toy breed all over USA!


Elegant and compact, the Yorkshire terrier makes for a small, but striking looking dog. Despite its fine, silky coat that comes in brown, chocolate, Parti, black and gold colors, these adorable creatures have minimal shedding issues, making them the perfect choice as indoor companions.

Yorkie Puppies



Issues of health arise in these terriers majorly as a result of poor breeding. We are experienced, superior quality Yorkshire Terrier breeders. At Pandora's Puppies, we ensure high quality breeding by careful selection of the parents, with many of our puppies holding champion pedigrees with tiny quality lines behind them. AKC registered, our puppies pass regular health checks and receive all necessary vaccinations along with our 10 year health warranty for all our puppies. 


Yorkie Puppies

The nature of the Yorkshire terrier varies according to how it has been raised. Purchase from a reliable Yorkie breeder for a friendly companion.

We at Pandora’s Puppies provide our babies with the utmost care and attention so they turn out with amiable dispositions and friendly with kids.

Quick and playful, the Yorkie loves attention and companionship and can be protective of its owner. Highly recommended for families with loving children as well as the elderly with ample time to pamper these adorable little creatures and be pampered by them!

Yorkie Puppies


The Yorkshire terrier is fairly easy to train but owing to its terrier nature, it has a mind of its own at times. Hence, it is always recommended that you train these babies at an early stage. Luckily for you, our puppies have been Pee Pee Pad trained, making them the perfect and hassle free companions!


Yorkie Puppies

The small Yorkshire terrier does not require a large space and would adapt well to an apartment or a cozy home. Raised with children, a bird, 3 cats and other dogs, our babies would adjust well to kids and other pets alike. Known for its title as the ‘purse dog’, the Yorkie could travel in style with you anywhere, as the devoted companion that it is!


From our Home to Yours

Pandora’s Puppies are not kennel dogs. They are taken care of and raised in the best manner and treated like the adorable part of our family. We are the number one Yorkie breeders in the Carolinas. Our Yorkshire terriers are a result of excellent breeding, attentive training and heaps of love, cuddles and hugs!

We always welcome loving, attentive and responsible families to pass on our babies, from our home to yours.

If you are on the lookout for some puppy loving and can nurture and care for our puppies, scroll down to view our Yorkshire terriers on sale in South Carolina. We ship our babies anywhere in the USA and Canada.

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